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" We believe in making

premium quality coffee

easily available

to the person who appreciates

a good cup of joe."

—  Max, Founder

Stay Coffee Singapore
Our Coffee


It all started from the love of drinking coffee, and the search for the perfect cup. Frustrated with the mediocre coffee which is generally available; and piqued about what makes a good cup of coffee; we began our journey into the amazing world of coffee.

Long before Stay Café was opened, we researched extensively into coffee, right from where the tree is grown to the freshly brewed cup of coffee. We decided that to be able to control the quality of our final product, we have to select our green beans carefully, and to roast our own beans.

Finally, we designed a mobile push cart coffee bicycle to bring good coffee to people. We made use of our free time outside our full time jobs to bring our own freshly roasted coffee beans and our brewed pour-over coffee to people in different places.


Since then, the bicycle has been in our logo; as it signifies our passion for coffee and our commitment to offering the best coffee to people.



Delicate Beans Carefully Handled

Every single bean from Stay is assured to be of the highest quality. Every month, Max will decide on the range of single origins to showcase. Before the green beans are roasted, defective beans are manually removed. Every single bean is checked at least twice to ensure quality before they go into the roasting machine.


Small Batches to Ensure Quality & Freshness

We specialise in single origin, and with knowledge of the different characteristics, we will roast every batch in small quantities, ensuring the roasting parameters are adjusted accordingly so as to highlight the flavours from the beans. Every single batch is checked for quality before they are put on the shelf. We are extremely particular about the freshness and the quality of each pack.


Introducing Pour Over Coffee

There are many methods of brewing a perfect cup of coffee. We prefer the pour-over method. If brewed correctly, it will produce a smooth and clean taste, where one can easily identify the different delicate notes, and yet it doesn’t overly stress the palate.


Beans are sold in different sizes, as ground beans or grinded to any particular brew methods.


Instant drip packs are also available for the convenience of enjoying a good cup of coffee anywhere.


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